Wednesday, April 15, 2009're it

I've been tagged by a wonderful friend Patty over at Sunspotpp's place
the little devil, lol.

8 things I am looking forward too
1. Alex ( my son) coming home on leave in june from the marines.
2. Alex's upcoming wedding in September.
3. My Daughter Aubrie coming home on leave in june.
4. We are buying a house and moving in May.
5. looking forward to buying new things to fill the house.
6. looking forward to my grandsons growing up and learning new things.
7. my oldest daugher Alison getting married one day and being happy
8. learning new things in PSP

8 things I did yesterday
1. got up and got dressed
2. went to the post office
3. cleaned the house and did dishes
4. colored my hair
5. made some new templates
6. ordered some new tubes
7. made tacos for supper
8. stayed up late psping

8 things I wish I could do
1. wish we could move the house right away (we're moving it to a peice of land at my dads farm)
2. wish i could buy all new things
3. wish i had all stainless steel appliances
4. wish we could afford a garage right away
5. wish all psp tubes were still free
6. wish i could jog 5 miles a day and be in shape
7. wish i looked 20 years younger
8. wish I could go on a vacation!

8 shows I watch
2. pr0perty Virgin
3. extreme makeover home edition
4. the mentalist
5. CSI Miami
6. 2 and a half men
7. the today show
8. world series of poker

8 people I tag

Carey @ Carey's Creations
Stacy @ Stacy's tutorials
Yvonne aka Scarabe @ Scarabescrap
Kristin @ Wicked Scrapz
Aqua @ Aquarebel315 designz
Julie @ Bits N Bobs
Tracy @ Chaotic House Designz
Rachel @ Scraps of Enchantment

whewww, that took awhile, lol..


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