Friday, June 27, 2008

I've been PSPing alot lately, my hubby went back to work so I have more "alone" time. I've still been looking for a job. I've got a really good offer but its not going to happen for a few more months yet. I don't know if I can wait that long to work, I need the money. I used to sell furniture for a local furniture store here in town, I was there for over 3 years, I really enjoyed it, well they closed he moved all of the store to one of thier other 2 stores and just moved out, sold the building he was done. Right before he closed, another guy came to town opened up a lil furniture store across the street. I've been talking to this guy, business isn't that great because they are downtown. He's in the process of buying/ or leasing im not sure, a new building out by our brand new Super Walmart. I think it will be great for his business, and he's still going to sell used furniture out of the store downtown, because they live up stair, why not its a huge old downtown building....... anyways today when I stopped in there , she told me his plans were to hire me as the "Manager" and I would probably have one other person under me to help sell. I was so suprised, but I didn't let it show. I've been talking to him since March about this, so I'm hopeing this all works out, I think it would be awesome.

Anyways enough about me,lol.......... I wrote a new tut, I'll link you to it when its all up and ready.


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