Monday, June 23, 2008

WOW, I've been babysitting all day for the grandsons, what a handful!

I need a nap. I just havent felt like psping lately, im sick a scrap tuts, but thats all i seem to find anymore, its like psp has evolved into scrapbooking and we all forgot about all the cool plugins..... its just not fun right now, I like scrap kits, i bet i have way over 100 saved, im sure i'll never use half of them, why did I save em??... I may go thru and delete out what i don't like and save the embellishments i do. I really don't need all that crap. and it seems like everybody and there brother is making scrap kits these days instead of tagging. just dont see the fun it it.

hope my mood changes soon...

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